How to Write a Nonfiction Book Proposal

Think of your book proposal as a business plan for your book. It explains your book's content, the need it fills and where it fits in the market. Further, it positions you, the author, as the most qualified person to write and promote the book.

The Book Publishing Flowchart

This post is for my long-suffering non-writer friends who have endured my detailed explanations about the book publishing process. It is also for my writer friends who want to show their circle why they haven't published their book yet. In brief, the process is: write and edit the book find an agent the agent finds … Continue reading The Book Publishing Flowchart

A Rookie’s Guide to Literary Speed Dating

Authors have a tough time breaking into the traditional publishing world. We send our work via email or online submission portals and rarely meet an agent or publisher face-to-face. Literary Speed Dating is designed to give us an opportunity to pitch in person. The catch? We only have three minutes. Last weekend, I went to … Continue reading A Rookie’s Guide to Literary Speed Dating