My writing journey has been a series of mistakes, followed – hopefully – by learning. As I cross each hurdle I think, “I wish I’d known that years ago”, so I’m sharing some of these tips, to give short cuts to other beginner writers.

Some of these posts have been written by request for NAC in my new role in editorial. I hope you find them useful. If you wish to submit a nonfiction manuscript to me, please read How to Write a Nonfiction Book Proposal and My Top Four Editing Tips.

My most popular writing blogs are The Book Publishing Flowchart, which describes the process for getting published and The Pros and Cons of Writing Memoir. I’ve followed up the flowchart with The Publishing Success Flowchart.

Writing Tips

Beginner guides for formatting and social media for writers.
A Beginner’s Guide to Formatting a Manuscript.
A Beginner’s Guide to Online Book Reviews
A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media for Writers
A Beginner’s Guide to Websites and Blogs for Writers
Australian Society of Author’s Literary Speed dating event is a wonderful opportunity to meet agents and publishers face to face. Learn from my mistakes in A Rookie’s Guide to Literary Speed Dating

Have a laugh about My Top Three Editing Disasters and explore the challenges of finding The Perfect Time to Write.

To celebrate signing with Michael Cybulski of NAC, I wrote Five Reasons to Sign With a Literary Agent.

I began The Winding Narrative in part because the protagonist in my novel is a blogger and I wanted to have firsthand experience. Here’s what I learnt: Real Versus Fictional Blogs

Engineering the Story—How to Write a Novel in 80 Days

To Be Oneself Or To Be Someone Else – the pros and cons of using a pseudonym.

I completed a Curtis Brown Creative six-month online novel writing course. In this guest blog, two fellow-students and I share the experience, Curtis Brown Creative Guest Blog

Short Fiction

My entries for the Writers Victoria flash fiction competition: Flash Fiction – Stripping the Words Bare, Part 1Part 2 and Part 3.
Short Fiction: Blood Orange
Short Fiction: The Search Warrant

My Writing Journey

The blogs below describe the beginning of my writing journey. It continues when I moved to Lagos. See Expat Life and Tree Change. To celebrate milestones of this blog, see: The Winding Narrative Turns Two and The Winding Narrative Turns One.
The Writer’s Hour is a humorous account of an hour in a writer’s life.
29 Brown St was my first attempt at writing a novel. It sits lonely on my laptop awaiting a rewrite.
The Adventures of Sexy Legs and Pipsqueak is about my first writing endeavors in primary school.
In The Value of Failure I discuss what can be gained from the inevitable rejections in the journey to publication.
Baby Steps was my first blog, which set up the beginning of my writing journey.


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