Interviews with people who have changed careers or countries and have their own winding narratives. (Photo by Susan Bradfield Photography.)


The first of a series about people living in Mansfield: Jennifer Harrold’s Mansfield Tree Change.

How JJ Campbell Reclaimed Her Voice. JJ Campbell wrote the paranormal romance, Reclaimed.

Kirsten Alexander, Novelist and Founder of Storymart. Kirsten wrote Half Moon Lake, historical fiction set in Louisiana, 1910.

Kate Forster, Novelist and Founder of Ladybirds. Kate’s latest book is The Sisters, women’s fiction.

Whitney Van Nuis: From Lawyer to Artist

Lisa Eskinazi: From High School Dropout to Author. Lisa wrote Out of the Well: My Battle with School Bullying and Depression.

Gail Cleare: From Ad Executive to Novelist Gail’s latest book is Love & Chocolate.

Karen Quist: From Beauty Therapist to Copywriter/Photographer

Susan Bradfield: From Physiotherapist to Photographer. Susan is a bespoke photographer, who specializes in newborn and family portraits.