(Photo by Susan Bradfield Photography.)


One of my favorite tasks in running this blog, is chatting to others about their winding narratives. Everybody has a story to share. I hope you enjoy these interviews with people from authors to lawyers.

Interviews about life in Mansfield

In this series I introduce a number of Mansfield personalities. Some are new to the area and describe their tree change. Others have been there for decades.

Theresa Commadeur on Dealing With Change
Sue Arndt Hare on Community Spirit
Sandra Lording, Mansfield Photographer
Barb Grant’s Tough Transition to Mansfield
Greg Romanes on Tree Change, Foster Care and Mansfield’s Next Gold Rush
Bob Romanes, Teacher A1 Mine Settlement
Kelli Virtanen, Mansfield Mother, Wellness coach, Author
Eve Foster, Mansfield Lawyer
Amelia Turner and the Little Farm in Mansfield
Alice Nixon, From Jillaroo to Mansfield Vet
Jennifer Harrold’s Mansfield Tree Change

Interviews with Authors and Publishers

Kate Murdoch on Managing Multiple Manuscripts. Kate has just released her second historical fiction book, The Orange Grove.
Natalie Muller, Publisher at Black Cockie Press about running a small press.
Eleni Hale – Novelist talks about her first novel, Stone Girl.
Kate Murdoch on Writing Historical Fiction Her first novel is Stone Circle.
How JJ Campbell Reclaimed Her Voice. JJ Campbell wrote the paranormal romance, Reclaimed.
Kirsten Alexander, Novelist and Founder of Storymart. Kirsten wrote Half Moon Lake, historical fiction set in Louisiana, 1910.
Kate Forster, Novelist and Founder of Ladybirds. Kate’s latest book is The Sisters, women’s fiction.
Lisa Eskinazi: From High School Dropout to Author. Lisa wrote Out of the Well: My Battle with School Bullying and Depression.
Gail Cleare, From Ad Executive to Novelist Gail’s latest book is Love & Chocolate.

Interviews With Other Creatives

Whitney Van Nuis, From Lawyer to Artist. Whitney illustrated my picture books, Sam and Sue Adventure Series.
Karen Quist, From Beauty Therapist to Copywriter/Photographer. Karen is a talented photographer and copy editor.
Susan Bradfield, From Physiotherapist to Photographer. Susan is a bespoke photographer, who specializes in newborn and family portraits.