My shenanigans from my 12 years as an expat in Nigeria, USA and Qatar, as well as my repatriation to Melbourne and part-time tree change near Mansfield.

The Mansfield Experience

Here are some repurposing do it yourself projects:
DIY Project Two: Ski Coat Rack
DIY Project One: Tyre Coffee Table

And here’s some fun in Mansfield:
The Case of the Mysterious Rose Saboteur
Alone at Mansfield

Expat Life

I share some tips about expat life in:
Career and the Expat Spouse
Feminism and the Expat Spouse
Four Tips for Surviving Compound Life

Time in Texas

I got off to a slow start in Houston. Read about How to be an Unhappy Expat

My Nigerian Adventure

The series about my first show for Mobil Producing Nigeria it told in:
Malaria, Kidnapping, Jewels
A Week in Lagos.

The story about Music & Dance on the Lagoon is in:
Music & Dance on the Lagoon
Blame It On The Tango
Countdown to Show Day
Show Day, Music & Dance on the Lagoon.

The story of how I started to dance is in Get Ready to Salsa

Follow the story about how Ishahayi Beach School Foundation was formed and Nigerian Gems was published in:
Ishahayi Beach School Foundation
Tales from Lagos
Nigerian Gems—In Print At Last.

My first attempt at writing a novel set in Lagos was called Sunrise Court.