My shenanigans from my 12 years as an expat in Nigeria, USA and Qatar, as well as my repatriation to Melbourne and part-time tree change near Mansfield.

The Mansfield Experience

DIY Project Two: Ski Coat Rack

The Case of the Mysterious Rose Saboteur

DIY Project One: Tyre Coffee Table

Alone at Mansfield

Expat Life

Career and the Expat Spouse

Feminism and the Expat Spouse

Four Tips for Surviving Compound Life

My Nigerian Adventure

The series about my first show for Mobil Producing Nigeria: Malaria, Kidnapping, Jewels and A Week in Lagos.

The story about Music & Dance on the LagoonBlame It On The TangoCountdown to Show Day and Show Day, Music & Dance on the Lagoon.

Staring to dance in Get Ready to Salsa

The story about  Ishahayi Beach School FoundationTales from Lagos and Nigerian Gems—In Print At Last.

My first story about life in Lagos, Sunrise Court