Social Distancing the Melbourne Way

I walked to my local shops today and witnessed people elbow-bumping. It looked natural, as if they'd been doing it their whole lives. I guess that's part of our new lifestyle. Meanwhile, as I revise my latest novel, I'm struck by how many times my characters hug or shake hands. Will people read this and say, … Continue reading Social Distancing the Melbourne Way

Cassie Lane on Writing Memoir

Cassie’s frank memoir about her life as a model explores how the fashion and beauty industries objectify and exploit women. She tells the story with insight, humour and self-awareness. Read on for our discussion about the impact of the memoir on her life, tips for memoir writers and what she is working on next.

The Winding Narrative Turns Two

The Winding Narrative has reached its second anniversary, so it's time to review progress on my writing journey. In my second year, I wrote 38 posts and nearly 35,000 words. Here are some highlights: I joined the editorial team for literary agency, NAC. This gives me the opportunity to work with authors of fiction and … Continue reading The Winding Narrative Turns Two

Trevor McDonald, the Reptile Wrangler

Trev, otherwise known as the Reptile Wrangler, is the go-to snake catcher in the Mansfield district and beyond. In this interview he gives advice, shares snake stories and busts myths. A must-read for anyone, like me, who is afraid of snakes.

Kirsten Alexander on Riptides

After the atmospheric Half Moon Lake, Kirsten Alexander is back with Riptides, a novel that explores actions and consequences, and how personal deeds can have ramifications at a far greater level. Although this is her second published book, she actually wrote it first. In this interview, she shares the steps that led to its publication as well, insights to her writing process and thoughts about learning from the past.

The Publishing Success Flowchart

Wouldn't it be great if we had a surefire formula for publishing success? Should you conform to genre conventions and write about topical issues, or remain true to your instincts? Well look no further – to answer this question, I've developed the Publishing Success Flowchart. 

Christmas Book List

Are you in a mad scramble to finish your Christmas shopping? Let me take some of the sting out of it for you. For your book-lover friends, here are ten book ideas from interviews I've done with female authors I've met through various writing activities. The books vary in style, length and genre, so there should be something for everyone: contemporary or historical, memoir or fiction, romantic or gritty.

Fire it Up!

In my last blog about Houston, I wrote about the first school production I did with The Woodlands Preparatory School. Being a mad sucker for punishment, and figuring that the first time you do something is always the hardest, I agreed to produce the next year's show. We brought the whole team back together, including Jacquie Fox in her lead role.

Claire Hoffman on Dealing With Death

Death isn’t easy to talk about, yet Claire tackles the topic with candour, insight and sensitivity. Her journey from property law to organic farming, through running a grocery store, has brought her to a turning point. With business partner Rose Gilder, she has launched Undertaking Grace, a not-for-profit organisation offering death literacy, funerals and bereavement care.