Andrea Barton
Photo by  Susan Bradfield Photography

Australian author, Andrea Barton, works on literary agency NAC’s editorial team for nonfiction. She is on the lookout for memoir or fiction by people who have their own winding narrative.

For 12 years, she experienced the exhilaration and the jarring dislocation of life as an expat spouse. With her husband and two sons, she lived in Lagos, Nigeria; Houston, USA; and Doha, Qatar before repatriating to Melbourne, Australia.

Previously an electrical engineer turned career consultant, she has reinvented herself as a writer. Along the way, she developed a passion for ballroom and Latin dance, helped to build a school, got stuck in the sand (in a 4WD) in both the Doha and Australian deserts (not at the same time) and had a hallucinogenic experience in Peru.

She has written the Sam and Sue Adventure Series, illustrated by Whitney Van Nuis. With Gail Collins, she compiled, edited and wrote two anthologies about expat adventures Nigerian Gems and Papua New Guinea Pearls. Eight of her stage productions have been produced in Lagos, Nigeria and two were performed at Woodlands Preparatory School in Houston, Texas.

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