The shortest path from A to B is a straight line, but is it the best road? After 13 years as an expat, I’m back in Melbourne, Australia, with time to look at where I’ve been, where I’m going and why the heck I haven’t published that novel yet. The protagonist in my work in progress is an expat blogger, so I figured I better get some firsthand experience with my own blog. When the time is right, I look forward to introducing you to Tara Scott.

Top Blogs …

The Adventures of Sexy Legs and Pipsqueak and Curtis Brown Creative Guest Blog discuss writing resources.
29 Brown Street describes the three levels of edits—structural, line and copy and then I give My Top Four Editing Tips
The Pros and Cons of Writing Memoir.

Four Tips for Surviving Compound Life
Feminism and the Expat Spouse examines my quandary of leaving my job to become an expat spouse and Career and the Expat Spouse continues this discussion.

In Tales from Lagos I discuss the editing process for Nigerian Gems and Nigerian Gems—In Print At Last celebrates the book going live.
I pick up a new hobby in Get Ready to Salsa and then use dance in the show Music & Dance on the Lagoon, which continues in Blame It On The Tango.

INTERVIEWS … I chat with people who have changed careers or countries and have their own winding narratives.
Susan Bradfield: From Physiotherapist to Photographer
Karen Quist: From Beauty Therapist to Copywriter/Photographer
Gail Cleare: From Ad Executive to Novelist

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